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Battery 14.4V, 3Ah, Li-Ion + Charger for Makita BHP442, DMR107, DTW280, BTP131 - BL1415, BL1430, BL1440, BL1450 replacement battery

Battery 14.4V, 3Ah, Li-Ion + Charger for Makita BHP442, DMR107, DTW280, BTP131 - BL1415, BL1430, BL1440, BL1450 replacement battery
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New energy for your device!

With this high-quality replacement battery from CELLONIC, you will have enough power for all your small and large everyday tasks.

✔ Quality replacement battery with high Capacity: 3Ah
Longer lifespan - thanks to modern Lithium technology with no memory effect.
Guaranteed safety: Protected against Short-circuits, Overheating and Overvoltage
✔ Each cell is separately tested in order to ensure professional standards are met.
✔ 100% compatible in replacing your original battery.

Technical data:
Capacity: 3Ah
Voltage: 14.4V
Cell Technology: Li-Ion
Colour: Black

The CELLONIC replacement battery - highest quality for a fair price.

★ 3 Year Guarantee ★
Founded in 2004, we are an international specialist retailer dealing with high quality products. For that reason we offer 36 month guarantee!

Replaces the following products

Makita 194065-3
Makita 194066-1
Makita BL1415
Makita BL1430
Makita BL1440
Makita BL1450

Fits the following devices

Makita BBO140
Makita BCF050
Makita BCF201
Makita BCF201Z
Makita BCG140
Makita BCL140
Makita BCL140 / BCL140Z
Makita BCL142 / BCL142Z
Makita BDA340
Makita BDA340ZJ
Makita BDA341
Makita BDA341ZJ
Makita BDF343
Makita BDF440
Makita BDF441
Makita BDF442
Makita BDF444
Makita BDF446
Makita BDF448
Makita BDF448ZJ
Makita BFG540ZJ
Makita BFR440
Makita BFR540
Makita BFS440
Makita BFS441
Makita BGA450
Makita BHP343
Makita BHP440
Makita BHP441
Makita BHP442
Makita BHP444
Makita BHP446
Makita BHR162
Makita BHR162ZJ
Makita BJN160
Makita BJR141
Makita BJS160
Makita BJV140
Makita BJV140RF1J
Makita BJV140ZJ
Makita BKP140
Makita BML146
Makita BML800
Makita BML801
Makita BML802
Makita BML803
Makita BMR050
Makita BMR102
Makita BMR103B
Makita BPJ140
Makita BPT350
Makita BPT350RFE
Makita BSS500
Makita BST110
Makita BST220
Makita BST220ZJ
Makita BTD130F
Makita BTD132
Makita BTD133
Makita BTD134
Makita BTD136
Makita BTL060
Makita BTM40
Makita BTM40ZKX3
Makita BTP130
Makita BTP130RFE
Makita BTP130ZJ
Makita BTP131
Makita BTS130
Makita BTW150
Makita BTW152
Makita BTW250
Makita BUB142
Makita BUB143
Makita BUB143Z
Makita BUC121
Makita BUH521
Makita BUM166
Makita BUR141
Makita BVC340
Makita BVR340
Makita BVR440
Makita CL140FD
Makita CL141FD
Makita CL142FD
Makita DCL140
Makita DCL142Z
Makita DDA340RMJ
Makita DDA341RMJ
Makita DDA341Y1J
Makita DDF343
Makita DDF343RYLJ
Makita DDF441RMJ
Makita DDF446RMJ
Makita DDF446Y1J
Makita DDF446Z
Makita DDF448RMJ
Makita DDF448Y1J
Makita DFR540RMJ
Makita DHP446Y1J
Makita DHP448RMJ
Makita DHP448Y1J
Makita DHP470
Makita DHR162RMJ
Makita DHR164
Makita DHR164RMJ
Makita DHR164Y1J
Makita DJR143Y1J
Makita DJR145RM1J
Makita DJR145Z
Makita DJR145ZJ
Makita DJV140
Makita DJV140Y1J
Makita DJV141 / DJV141Z
Makita DJV141RM1J
Makita DJV142 / DJV142Z
Makita DJV142RM1J
Makita DMR102
Makita DMR105
Makita DMR106B
Makita DMR107
Makita DMR108
Makita DMR110
Makita DPT350RMJ
Makita DSS500RMJ
Makita DSS500Y1J
Makita DST220RMJ
Makita DTD134
Makita DTD134RMJ
Makita DTD134Y1J
Makita DTD136RMJ
Makita DTD137RMJ
Makita DTD137Y1J
Makita DTL060RM1J
Makita DTM40RM1J4
Makita DTM41RM1J3
Makita DTM41Y1JX3
Makita DTP131RMJ
Makita DTP131Y1J
Makita DTS131RMJ
Makita DTS131Y1J
Makita DTW250RMJ
Makita DTW250Y1J
Makita DTW280
Makita DTW280RMJ
Makita DTW280Y1J
Makita DUB142
Makita DUB143Z
Makita DUH521Z
Makita DUM166Z
Makita DUR141Z
Makita DVC340
Makita DVC340Z
Makita ML144
Makita MR050
Makita MUH300
Makita ST120D
Makita TD130
Makita TD130D
Makita TD132
Makita TP131
Makita TW152
Makita TW152D
Makita TW152DZ